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04.06. cafe de fiets bremerhaven live ab 21:30 uhr
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we wrote the song  falling deep for the really, really fantastic project of david lunch. it´s a movie called bittersweet revenge. release is in april 2016. we are very happy to be a small part of this movie. like and share it, and listen to our song falling deep.
our song in the movie bittersweet revenge
08.03. Muddys, HB 19.03. Grüner Jäger, HH 09.04. Empire, Buchholz 07.05. Pooca Bar, HH 04.06. Fiets, BHV 20.10. Kaiserkeller, HH 22.10. Kulturpalast Linden, H 12.11. Kulturzentrum, OHZ 02.04.2017 JVA, Vechta
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